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Mancub Babywoman is about love. Rob & Charlotte are two lovers who make the music that's a by-product of their love. Psychedelic folk is a term they've been tagged with, but they simply and earnestly make music by lovers for lovers.

They have spent much of the past few years playing together in folk-rock festival-favourites The Moon Music Orchestra and Heavenly-signed 6-piece The Loose Salute. The pair fell in Love on the road and the music they have put together for Mancub Babywoman reflects the ups and owns of their journey together and the struggle to hold on to that true love in the midsts of Bohemia. They have been playing gigs as a duo in and around London for the past year and have recorded a host songs with the help of Mercury nominated producer Pritpal Soor (Ana Calvi, Flower of Zeus, The Loose Salute).

Whilst influenced by the songwriting of classic 70s artists like Fleetwood Mac, Paul McCartney and John Prine, their music contains and off-kilter honesty more common to the confessionals of modern American singers like Bright Eyes or even the ballads of Ryan Adams.

2011 saw them release their debut EP, A Little Too Much, on Superglad Records as well as perform at the Greenman Festival and host of other gigs around England. Now the stage is set as they move to release their first full length record this summer, Mancubabyoman. It's coming out on Superglad once again, and will be a boon to all those seeking a bit of truth, honesty, and foremost love.


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